Shaaken Cocktails SIGNATURE BOX


"cocktails and dreams....I see it in pink neon. Blink, blink, pinkety blink."

Said someone in that 1988 Tom Cruise film, but we love cocktails and dreams... and pink neon...

We love making cocktails so you don't have to.

Five of our signature cocktails delivered to your door! 


Our exclusive first box includes:

1 x Cosmopolitan | Vodka based, fruity in taste!

1 x Margarita | Margarita amigas! A tequila a day, keeps the doctor away.

1 x Strawberry Daiquiri | Juicy strawberries with rum will give you those Caribbean feels.

1 x Espresso Martini  | A Shaaken favourite! So much crema you will want to grab a spoon. Vodka & Coffee = A match made in heaven.

1 x Passionfruit Martini | Yo ho and a bottle of Rum, tropical flavours with a rum base. 

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