Petra Toscana (Suvereto) 2014




This wine is produced from Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot grapes, varieties that turned out to be ideal for the types of soil on the Petra estate. Each of them found the most suitable soil for bringing out the distinctive features that characterize Petra’s unique elegance and style – the balsamicity of the Mediterranean, the minerality of Tuscany, and the proverbial natural acidity favoured by the salinity of the earth, which is indispensable in creating exemplary wines closely linked to the personality of the land. The most highly appreciated connotations of the two varieties are clearly expressed in this wine – the elegance and smoothness of Merlot, which is sensitive to drought and thus prefers a cool hillside position, and the character of Cabernet Sauvignon, which thrives best in mineral-rich soils, not overly fertile and well drained.

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