Exmoor Caviar (Various Sizes)


Exmoor Caviar is an exquisite product, it is rich and creamy with a nutty finish. Produced in England using Cornish Sea Salt, supporting and celebrating both the natural flavours and richness of the roe. Resulting in a wonderfully unique mineral flavour.

Priced at £2000 per kilo. Sturgeon Species: Acipenser Baerii (BAE)


About Exmoor Caviar

Exmoor is the UK’s only caviar farm. Nestled inside Exmoor National Park,  it is fed from the River Mole which runs adjacent to the farm. In the production season, over 50 million litres of freshwater run through the farm each and every day. They have also won a place on The Walpole's Brands of Tomorrow programme alongside many famous British luxury brands. 


Caviar Pairing Notes

Exmoor Caviar is best served simply as is. It pairs beautifully with great British seafood such as our fresh lobster and crab boxes.

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