Haar Restaurant's iconic tasting menu, at home

You asked, and we delivered. Quite literally.

Chef Dean Banks and the team are proud to bring you an ‘at home’ dining experience like no other. The iconic Haar Restaurant tasting menu from the comfort of your own home. This unforgettable five (or six) course delight will be gracing your dining table in no time. Dean and the team have compiled some of their favourite dishes, all prepared for you. The only thing left to do is heat them and enjoy. Let’s get into what’s in this iconic luxury box.

Kicking things off, we have the much-loved corn and sunflower seed loaf with a delightfully savoury miso butter. Served with all Haar’s tasting menu experiences. This bread has become somewhat famous over the years. After just one bite, you will see why.

Loaf of bread

Moving on, we then have a pork belly with kimchi puree, pear puree and puffed pork skin. The pork is cooked to perfection and literally melts in your mouth. It is accompanied by pear and kimchi purees and, for a bit of texture, some puffed pork skin to add a little crunch. This is a true flavour bomb that graced Haar’s menu for quite some time last year. We couldn’t help but add it to this iconic tasting menu.

Next, we have the trout pastrami with a Café de Paris emulsion and pickled daikon. This dish is a true homage to two iconic restaurants known the world over. Our trout pastrami is marinated in a blend of spices that wouldn’t be out of place at the much-loved Katz’s Deli in New York City. With a Haar twist, naturally. Meanwhile, the Café de Paris emulsion is a node to the ever-famous butter recipe from the iconic Geneva restaurant. The pickled daikon brings a little crunch and acidity to the dish. A perfect balance of flavours that you won’t forget any time soon.

Chef Dean Banks cooking at Haar Restaurant

We always say you can’t visit Haar without trying Dean’s signature lobster, so we’ve added the option to include this as part of the tasting menu, should you so desire. A whole St. Andrews Bay lobster with a mirin butter sauce. Just one bite, and you’ll see why this is Dean’s signature dish, trust us.

For the main course, we have beef bavette with a black garlic butter, seaweed potatoes and asparagus. Beef, garlic, and butter. They indeed are the best of friends. Add in a little Dean Banks pizzazz, and you’re onto a real winner. Paired with the much-loved seaweed roast potatoes and some peak-season asparagus. Main courses don’t come any better.

We couldn’t round things off without a little something sweet, could we? A miso caramel and chocolate pave is for dessert, and believe us when we say this. Other desserts could never. Soft, melty, rich, decadent. Yup, this one has it all, folks.

We get it. You just want to know where you can get this unforgettable experience. Just head right here and choose your delivery date. The luxury box is delivering throughout May and June, so don’t sleep on this one.