Monica Galetti Appointed Scottish Seafood Ambassador

Scottish seafood has long been hailed as the best in the world.

Former MasterChef: The Professionals judge has now been appointed as the first-ever ambassador for Scottish seafood. Her new position will see Galetti leading the movement encouraging chefs, restauranteurs, and consumers to buy and cook more seafood directly from Scotland. This will help to showcase its versatility, flavour, and quality.

The Campaign

Monica will be the face of the Sea the People campaign by Seafood from Scotland, and she will be looking to represent Scotland’s incredible offering on a national scale. She is looking to have British consumers ‘look beyond the familiar’ and wants to see more UK restaurants and retailers stock Scottish shellfish and fish. Currently, around eighty percent of all Scottish seafood is exported, and Galetti would like to see more species introduced around the country.

Before, and in preparation for her new role, the former MasterChef judge has spent lots of time travelling around Scotland and its coastal communities – this allowed her to build excellent relationships with those who work directly in this incredible sector.

Monica Galetti in a fishmongers
(Image: Seafood From Scotland)

Seafood Scotland’s Adam Wing notes that Galetti is the ideal candidate to champion their industry efforts. This is because she genuinely believes in the incredible quality of Scottish seafood and the people who work in the sector’s commitment to supporting this.

The man at the helm of all things Haar, Chef Dean Banks, has long touted Scottish seafood as the best in the world. So, his former judge on MasterChef: The Professionals now becoming an ambassador for the food is a welcome addition to the industry he holds in such high regard.

Dean’s Signature Dish

Chef Dean Banks’ signature offering in his restaurants and our ‘at home’ boxes has got to be his St. Andrews Bay lobster with a mirin butter sauce. “My signature lobster dish is the one I’m most proud of - native lobster, mirin butter sauce, inspired by Andrew Fairlie’s smoked lobster.

scottish lobster with mirin butter sauce
(Dean Banks' Signature Lobster Dish)

Haar at Home has always been committed to using Scottish seafood in all our luxury boxes. Our lobsters, for example, are caught but metres from Haar Restaurant right in St. Andrews Bay, and our crab is from Dean’s hometown of Arbroath. We have worked with the same fishing boats since the very first Haar Restaurant opened back in 2019 and will continue to do so for quite some time.

Would you like to sample some of the best seafood in the whole world? You can do this with our signature offering. The OG. The Luxury Lobster and Crab box. Featuring Scottish dressed crab and lobster, which have been caught in St. Andrews Bay. All alongside a delicious selection of contemporary sides and, of course, Dean’s mirin butter sauce.