Brambley Gin Liqueur by Dean Banks


''Quintessentially Scottish with an Asian Twist''



50cl, 17% ABV

Scottish brambles, lime, ginger & cardamom


Distilled with less sugar than standard, Lunun’s Brambley gin liqueur is rich, smooth and true to the incomparable taste of ripe, Scottish brambles. 


With Award-Winning Lunun Gin at its heart, and no artificial ingredients or excess sugars, the natural flavour of the dark fruit bears its tart edge, perfectly balanced with signature flavours from Chef Dean Banks. Bold brambles awaken the palate with the aromatic vibrancy of kaffir lime, edging out to a lingering, warm finish from ginger and cardamom. 


Sophisticated and versatile, there are so many ways to enjoy Brambley. Over ice after dinner as you sit by the fire; straight from your hipflask as you bag a munro; splashed into a glass of bubbly for a Scottish take on the Kir Royale; or in a summery cocktail that highlights Brambley’s play with lime & ginger.  


Our favourite way to enjoy? Generously. 




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