The Lunun Gin Family


Let’s get into the spirit of things. Lunun Gin is a Scottish premium gin with an Asian twist, inspired by  Chef Dean Banks's travels around the globe and flavour combinations created within his kitchen at Haar Restaurant. The Lunun Gin Family is the perfect gift this Christmas. No Nonsense, Just Taste.  


Each Family collection includes:


1x 70cl Lunun gin 

41% abv 

Our flagship Gin, flavours of East Asia. Kaffir lime leaf, Sichuan pepper, kombu seaweed, ginger and lemongrass


1x 50cl Brambley Gin 

17% Abv 

Scottish bramble, ginger, lime and cardamom gin-based sweetened alcohol


1x 50cl Jamberry Gin 

17% Abv 

Scottish strawberry, rhubarb and lemongrass gin-based sweetened alcohol.

We use reduced sugar compared to all liqueurs. We let the flavours do the talking not the sugar



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