Four reasons why Scottish seafood is the best in the world

When it comes to seafood, Scotland has a reputation for producing some of the best in the world. From delicate Arbroath crab to rich St. Andrews Bay lobster, Scottish seafood is highly sought after by chefs and seafood lovers alike. Dean and his hardworking team will always swear by this delicious domestic offering and love to shout about how good our seafood is up here.

But what makes Scottish seafood so unique? In this blog post, we'll explore why it is considered the best in the world and why it is the only kind we will use in all of our luxury boxes.

Rich, cold waters

One of the primary reasons why Scottish seafood is so highly prized is the country's unique geography. Scotland is situated in the path of the Gulf Stream, a warm ocean current that brings a rich mix of nutrients and plankton from the Atlantic Ocean. These nutrients are essential for the growth of many species of fish and shellfish, which thrive in the cold, clear waters surrounding Scotland's rugged coastline.

The cold waters surrounding Scotland also play a vital role in preserving the quality and flavour of the seafood. The sea's low temperature helps slow the metabolism of the fish and shellfish, meaning that the flesh is firmer and has a fresher, more delicate taste.


Sustainable fishing practices

Sustainable fishing practices are essential for the long-term health of our oceans, and Scotland has a well-deserved reputation for responsible, sustainable fishing. The country has a well-regulated fishing industry, with strict quotas and catch limits, to ensure that stocks are not overfished.

Dean Banks fishing in St. Andrews Bay

Many fishermen operating in Scottish waters are small-scale boats that use traditional, low-impact methods such as hand-diving or creel fishing. These techniques are highly selective, meaning only mature and healthy fish are caught, and other marine life can be returned unharmed to the sea. As a result, the seafood from Scottish waters is of the highest quality, with a minimal environmental impact.


The diverse range of species

Scotland's cold, nutrient-rich waters are home to an incredible range of fish and shellfish, which provide a diverse and exciting range of flavours and textures. Some of the most popular Scottish seafood species include:

  • Scottish salmon: Scottish salmon is renowned for its rich, buttery flavour and delicate texture. It is often served smoked or cured and is a favourite of chefs worldwide.
  • Langoustines: Also known as Dublin Bay prawns, langoustines are shellfish prized for their sweet, delicate flavour and firm texture. They are often featured as part of a box and make a brilliant add-on to many of our offerings.
  • Scallops: Scottish scallops are celebrated for their sweet, delicate flavour and tender texture. They are often served seared or grilled and regularly appear in our luxury boxes.
  • Lobster: Our signature offering. The King of the Sea. We only use Scottish lobster in all of our luxury boxes, all caught in St. Andrews Bay.
  • Mussels: Scottish mussels are plump and sweet, with a rich flavour that makes them a favourite of seafood lovers. They are often steamed or boiled and served with garlic, white wine, or other flavourful sauces.

Top tip: Dulse Edinburgh currently serves up a delicious bowl of Singapore mussels. If you are in the capital, we couldn't recommend them enough.

These are just a few of the many types of seafood that are available from Scottish waters, and each has its unique flavour and texture unlike anything else you can get outside of Scotland.

Loch Etive trout cured in Lunun Gin

Award-winning quality

Finally, Scottish seafood is loved around the world for its exceptional quality. It has won numerous awards and accolades, with many of the country's seafood producers receiving recognition for their excellent products. For example, Scottish smoked salmon has been awarded Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) status, which means that it must be produced in Scotland using traditional methods to meet strict quality standards.

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Dean and the team only use fresh, local, and seasonal ingredients in all of our boxes, so you can rest assured you will be blown away by their quality. We cannot wait for you to try one.