Three steps to creating the best Valentines dinner, at home

Ahh, Valentine’s, that day of the year when you showcase your love and affection to that special someone. Many flock to the finest flower shops, jewellers, and fancy restaurants to celebrate the momentous day with their nearest and dearest.

Valentine’s Day can be pretty stressful, with an often-overwhelming number of options to showcase your love, but it doesn’t have to be at all.

This year at Haar, Chef Dean Banks and the team have devised two special menus to enjoy with your person this year and trust us; this is going to be much better, easier and cheaper than any fancy restaurant. Plus, you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home. A win-win in our books, tbh.

Let’s get into the three steps to create the most beautiful and unforgettable Valentine’s Day experience.


Step 1 – order your luxury box

This year, we have a choice of two Valentine’s Day boxes for you to choose from.


Luxury Valentine’s Menu

A three, or four-course delight packed with all your favourite Haat at Home picks.

The first course is our much-loved Lunun Gin cured trout blinis with a dill mayo and pickle. 

Lunun Gin cured Loch Etive trout with a rich, creamy mayo that cuts through the acidity of the pickle. This wonderfully balanced delight is served atop fluffy, bite-sized blinis. A perfect way to kick the evening off.

seaweed and Lunun Gin cured Loch Etive trout

Your second course is the iconic grass-fed tomahawk with a truffle jus.

A one-kilo meaty monster tomahawk is served with our iconic seaweed potatoes and seasonal green beans topped with a soy lime dressing and crispy shallots. This is drizzled with a rich truffle jus to make the perfect main course.

Your third (optional) course is none other than Dean’s St. Andrews Bay lobster with a mirin butter sauce.

The king of the sea, the one that started it all. No Dean Banks menu is complete without his signature dish. Drizzled in that rich buttery sauce. A perfect addition to any romantic meal.

We round things off with a dark chocolate fondant with dulce de leche.

A rich dark chocolate fondant is paired perfectly with the sweet and creamy dulce de leche. This is all balanced out with a cool and tangy crème fraiche.


Double Lobster and Champagne

Are you looking to pull out all the stops this Valentine’s Day? Then look no further! This luxury box is teaming with Dean Banks favourites for that special evening ahead.

Kicking things off is the fan-favourite Lunun Gin Loch Etive trout with a dill mayo and pickle served on some bite-sized blinis.

Next, we have the iconic signature dish of St. Andrews Bay lobster with a rich mirin butter sauce. Each luxury box contains an entire lobster each and is served alongside our delicious seaweed potatoes and green beans.

St. Andrews Bay lobster with mirin butter sauce

Finally, you will enjoy the rich dark chocolate fondant with dulce de leche and crème fraiche.

You can order your luxury box right here.


Step Two – Setting the mood

On the day you are planning to make your luxury box, you must set the mood just right. Light those candles, dim the lights, set the table, and put on some atmospheric background music.

Once the mood is just right, we are ready to cook…


Step Three – Preparing your luxury box

Each of our luxury boxes come with easy-to-follow instructions and most of the ingredients are pre-prepared. All you have to do is heat them and enjoy.

Pour yourself a glass of wine, get your favourite culinary playlist on and get cooking. The fun always begins in the kitchen.

Are you looking to order your special Valentine’s Day menu? You can find them and our other delicious luxury boxes right here.