Three reasons why you’ll love our best-value luxury box

Our seafood linguine and wine box has been a hit here at Haar, dating back to 2020 when we kicked things off. This incredible two-course luxury box has been part of our core offering for quite some time and will always continue to be.

Starting at £49.95, the seafood linguine is offered in either crab, or St. Andrews Bay lobster, iterations, and both come with everything you need for an incredible evening in. Perfect for a date night or those weekends when you cannot get a babysitter. No wonder this fantastic offering has remained one of our most popular at Haar at Home.


Let’s look into why you should be ordering one for this weekend…


Everything you need, in one fantastic luxury box

One of the reasons our customers love the seafood linguine box is that it has everything you need for that special evening in – two courses, a side and wine. What more could you ask for?

seafood linguine luxury box ingredients

The box includes:


  • Your choice of either St. Andrews Bay lobster or Arbroath crab.

This will be your primary protein included in the box, both of which are sustainably caught close to Haar in St. Andrews. Scottish seafood is considered some of the best available worldwide, which is why we use it in all of our boxes.

  • Artisan linguine with a spiced tomato sauce 

A delicious, uncomplicated pasta. Delicately spiced and finished with coriander. We like to keep the sauce simple so the flavours of the crab or lobster can shine through. Just wait until you taste this.

  • A loaf of fresh cornbread

Baked by our long-time supplier, Barnetts Bakery, in Anstruther. This local institution has been handmaking our bread since the very beginning. It makes the perfect addition to your seafood linguine and is ideal for mopping up all that delicious tomato sauce.

  • Salted caramel chocolate ganache

Time for dessert. This chocolate ganache is as rich as it is decadent - layers of delicious flavours that are the perfect ending to your special night in.

  • Bottle of white wine

No fancy evening in is complete without a delicious bottle of wine. Handpicked by our sommeliers, our crisp white wine pairs perfectly with the seafood flavours of this dish.

somebody enjoying dinner at a dining table with a bowl of pasta, wine and a loaf of bread

The best ingredients

While this may be our best-value luxury box on offer, Chef Dean Banks and the team have not compromised on the quality of the ingredients. 

The lobster used is caught but metres from Haar Restaurant in St. Andrews Bay and is the same lobster we use across all our businesses. Dean and the team have used the same supplier since day one, providing the most delicious lobster to happy customers up and down the country.

a bowl of lobster linguine

As for the crab, it is caught in Dean’s hometown of Arbroath and, again, is the same crab used across all of our ventures. Scottish seafood is some of the best available worldwide, and we will always use it in our luxury boxes and restaurants around the country. From our shores, to your door.

Of course, the rest of the ingredients are of the highest quality too. We only deal with the best local suppliers to ensure that you get the best of what Scotland has to offer to the rest of the United Kingdom. 


Brought to you by Chef Dean Banks

Each box has been carefully curated and prepared by Chef Dean Banks and the team at Haar Restaurant.

a bowl of seafood linguine

Back in 2018, Dean appeared on MasterChef: The Professionals, making his way to the final of the prestigious competition. Since then, he has been making waves on the Scottish culinary scene, opening Haar Restaurant in St. Andrews, plus both Dean Banks at the Pompadour, and Dulse in the capital.

We would have to say that having your luxury box prepared by a MasterChef is pretty neat, wouldn’t you agree?


If you are interested in trying out one of our delicious seafood linguine luxury boxes, you can find them right here. A genuinely incredible ‘at home’ dining experience you will not forget in a hurry, trust us.