Three Reasons To Visit Dulse Edinburgh

Having just recently opened its doors in Edinburgh, Dulse Seafood and Wine is taking the capital by storm.

This venue is the newest in Chef Dean Banks’ list of culinary venues, taking a relaxed, uncomplicated approach to dining. Think of an easy-going, contemporary setting with delicious small plates and the most incredible wine and cocktail menus, and you have Dulse!

exterior of dulse edinburgh

Dean and his hardworking team strive to bring you the best in local, seasonal ingredients. All of these are served either in our downstairs bar area, or you can opt to walk up the ‘Stairway to Heaven’ to their restaurant area and dine in there also. A truly unique and memorable culinary experience awaits.

Every dish at Dulse is as uncomplicated as it is delicious. Each takes a hero element that is then teamed with delicious, seasonal ingredients to make something truly remarkable.

But why should you visit Edinburgh’s newest seafood restaurant? Let us give you three reasons…


They only use seasonal produce in all of their cooking.

At Dulse, everything from the veg right through to the seafood that is used is seasonal.

It has long been known seasonal ingredients are best for any restaurant, but why is this?

octopus dish at Dulse Edinburgh

When chefs use seasonal produce, this allows the ingredients to genuinely shine. Namely, ingredients are used at their peak when incorporated into a dish. When producers allow food to flourish and grow in its natural environment, it will taste far better. This is because your food is going to be free of chemicals or pesticides when they are grown. The same rules apply to the fish at Dulse. They only use fish that can be caught locally, avoiding any farming methods.

Cooking to this mantra allows the kitchen team to serve guests the highest quality ingredients, teeming with flavour.

You may notice Dulse’s menu changes quite often. This happens because the ingredients are all seasonal. Even the core dishes can sometimes have some aspects of them swapped due to their seasonality.


Brought to you by Chef Dean Banks

Dean’s recent influence on the UK food scene has been nothing short of spectacular. The legendary chef and restauranteur takes such pride in all of his culinary projects, and Dulse is no different.

Following a life of cooking, and working in some of the finest restaurants the world over, the man at the helm of all things Haar decided to enter MasterChef: The Professionals in 2018. Dean wowed judges from the get-go and made it to the final four of the prestigious competition.

interior of Dulse Edinburgh

After the competition, Dean decided to open several culinary ventures over Scotland. Haar Restaurant, a staple of the St. Andrews food scene, is going strength-to-strength, offering locals and tourists a relaxed, contemporary dining experience through their creative tasting menus. Dean Banks at the Pompadour, located in Edinburgh’s iconic Waldorf Astoria, has also been an enormous success in the capital, offering a fine-dining experience unlike any the city has ever seen before. Now, Dean has opened Dulse. Located in Edinburgh’s West End, this concept will be another extraordinary culinary experience you will not forget.

The man’s experience is extensive, and you can taste that in every bite of his dishes, no matter where you are dining.


The freshest seafood

As you can probably gather, Dean and the team constantly strive to bring the freshest and best seafood that Scotland offers. That is certainly no different at Dulse.

If you have tried any of their sister restaurants or, of course, ordered from us, you’ll have likely tried the famous St. Andrews Bay lobster. That is no different at Dulse. They only use this delicious, local ingredient in their lobster dishes.


Fun fact: the St. Andrews Bay lobster is caught metres from Haar Restaurant.


Book your table for Dulse Edinburgh right here. They are open Tuesday to Saturday weekly and located in the city's West End.