The September Seasonal Menu Has Arrived

September is now here, and with that comes another of our iconic monthly seasonal menus. Chef Dean Banks and the team are super excited to showcase this expertly curated menu, bringing fine dining to your doorstep.

september seasonal menu from haar at home

As the vibrant colours of autumn begin to paint the landscape, our culinary team at Haar is thrilled to unveil a new seasonal menu that pays homage to the rich ingredients of the season. From the first bite to the last, each course on our carefully curated menu promises a delightful dance of flavours and textures that captures the essence of the colder months. Join us on a gastronomic adventure as we take you through our September seasonal menu.


Starter: Cured Trout | Lemon Mayonnaise | Blinis | Pickled Cucumber

Our culinary journey begins with a delicate yet vibrant starter that showcases the inherent beauty of autumn's offerings. Our Cured trout, adorned with zesty lemon mayonnaise, rests atop handcrafted blinis that provide a soft foundation to complement the trout's richness.

The ensemble is complete with the addition of pickled cucumber, imparting a bit of acidity that perfectly balances the dish's flavours. A starter that showcases some incredible seasonal ingredients and the ideal way to kick off that special evening in.


Main Course: Roast Venison Loin | Dauphinoise Potato | Roast Carrot & Shallots | Pickled Bramble | XO Jus 

Roast Venison Loin | Dauphinoise Potato | Roast Carrot & Shallots | Pickled Bramble | XO Jus

Continuing our journey, we present the roast venison loin, a hearty main course that echoes the warmth and comfort of autumn evenings. The rich venison takes centre stage, tender and succulent, accompanied by the creamy, melt-in-the-mouth dauphinoise potatoes. The roast carrot and shallots lend a touch of earthiness and sweetness, while the pickled bramble adds a surprising twist that elevates the dish's complexity. Drizzled with our signature XO Jus, this main course embodies the heartiness of the season – perfect for a cosy night in.


Optional Course: St Andrew's Bay Native Lobster | Mirin Butter

For those seeking a decadent addition to their culinary journey, our St Andrew's Bay native lobster is a treat not to be missed. Delicate lobster meat drizzled in rich mirin butter, Chef Dean Banks’ signature dish is not one to be missed. 


Dessert: Raspberry and White Chocolate Ganache | Raspberry Granola | Fresh Raspberry 

Now, we reach the final course of our culinary adventure. A masterpiece of flavours, this dessert celebrates both the sweetness and tartness of autumn raspberries.

Raspberry and White Chocolate Ganache

The velvety, white chocolate Ganache caresses your palate, while the raspberry granola adds a satisfying crunch. Each bite, accompanied by the burst of fresh raspberries, is a harmonious blend of textures and tastes that concludes this journey on a sweet and satisfying note.


Sommelier’s choice

No special meal is complete without a bottle of wine to accompany it. Try adding our Sommelier's choice of paired wines: Roca del Crit Emporda Garnacha Carinena & Charles Heidsieck Brut Champagne.


Join us on a culinary adventure

At Haar, our passion for artful gastronomy is reflected in every dish we present. This autumn, our seasonal menu celebrates the enchanting flavours of the cooler months, skilfully composed, transporting you to a world of culinary delight. You can order your box right here, delivered every Friday throughout the month of September.


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