Three Restaurant Standard Meals You Can Make at Home.

Restaurant quality meals you won't have to go out for!

In this modern age, the way we enjoy a delicious meal has undoubtedly changed compared to pre-2020 times. In years previous, you could order make-at-home meal kits from the likes of Gousto and Hello Fresh, but when it came to something a little more ‘fine-dining’, options tended to be a little more limited, shall we say.

With many restaurants closing due to national lockdowns, business owners were forced to think outside the box to keep their livelihoods going. During this time, we saw a sharp rise in establishments offering make-at-home meal kits – providing the same quality and standard of meals you could make at home.

Fast forward to the present day, and we have found that the way people enjoy a delicious meal has changed somewhat. While many loyal restaurant goers have rushed back to their favourite places, others sometimes opt for their trusty restaurant meal kits.

This could be for several reasons, such as: they couldn’t get a last-minute babysitter, are isolating due to illness, or would prefer to save some money amid the rising cost of living. On the plus side, restaurant boxes allow you to try places a little further afield, with many establishments offering UK-wide delivery. It also allows the opportunity to try out ingredients and cuisines native to certain areas – take our St. Andrews Bay lobster, for example.

Whatever reason you may have for choosing, here are three top picks from our range of fine-dining meals you can make at home.

Luxury Lobster and Crab

luxury lobster and crab box on a dining table

This is our OG offering. The very one that started everything Haar at Home is today. It is no wonder that this is still on our menu as our flagship luxury box.

What’s in the box? Two delicious courses brought to you by Chef Dean Banks.

Kicking things off in style, we have our dressed Scottish crab with a spicy mango ‘slaw and punchy Asian dressing. Enjoy delicate Scottish crab, teamed with a zesty salad giving those perfect sweet and savoury flavours.

Fun fact: the crab is actually from Dean’s hometown of Arbroath, Scotland.

For the main course, we have Dean’s signature dish of Native Scottish lobster with a mirin butter sauce. Truly the height of decadence, it is no wonder this has been our very own MasterChef’s signature offering for quite some time!

Fun fact: our lobster is caught a matter of metres from Haar Restaurant, right in St. Andrews Bay!

The main course is teamed with a delicious selection of sides, including our seaweed potatoes, veg that is always seasonal, and our very own smoked mayo.

You can find this incredible luxury box right here.

Lobster Linguine and Wine

a bowl of lobster linguine

Look no further if you are searching for a box that has it all – two courses, sides and some delicious wine!

The main course is a deliciously simple spicy tomato linguine that allows the flavour of our St. Andrews Bay lobster to shine through in every bite – perfect teamed with the loaf of Barnetts Bakery cornbread that comes in the box.

For dessert, you have our decadent chocolate and salted caramel ganache – all hand-made by Dean and the team at Haar Restaurant.

A meal is not a meal without wine, and our sommelier has hand-picked the perfect white wine to compliment the lobster linguine.

You can find the box right here.

Best of Land and Sea

best of land and sea box ingredients laid out on a dining table

Our final suggestion is the box that needs little introduction — another one of our core offerings, with three delicious courses to make your evening special.

Expect everything you would find in the Luxury Lobster and Crab box – Arbroath crab and St. Andrews Bay lobster, with the addition of a delicious Scottish steak.

Expect either a Sirloin or ribeye steak, any of which have been aged for a minimum of 32 days, from grass-fed cattle. This teams perfectly with our XO sauce for a delightfully savoury kick to your beef.

You can grab this box right here.