Five Reasons Why You’ll Love Our Lobster

Delicious St. Andrews Bay lobster, available nationwide!

Lobster. It is our signature offering and easily our favourite ingredient used in any of our boxes. It was the one that started it all a few short years ago during the pandemic, with our first box – the Luxury Lobster and Crab kicking things off in style. Fast forward two and a half years, and we still love our delicious lobster just as much as we did back then.

Let us give you five reasons you’ll be sure to love our lobster just as much as we do!


1. Caught right in St. Andrews Bay

Our delicious lobsters are caught daily by a team of local fishing boats right in the heart of St. Andrews. We take great pride in knowing that every single lobster we offer is caught right in the Bay, metres from Haar Restaurant.

Our longstanding relationship with all our local suppliers is a testament to the quality of all our dishes. We only use local, high-quality ingredients in each of them, and our lobster is no different!


2. Scottish lobster is the best in the world.

Lobster dish with mirin butter sauce

Scottish seafood has long been hailed as the best in the world, and we believe ours is too! Caught right on the shores of St. Andrews, you won’t find better lobster anywhere. Monica Galetti has recently joined the Seafood From Scotland’s ‘Sea the People’ campaign to communicate that Scottish seafood is the best around. About eighty percent of our seafood is currently exported, and she is looking to change this – encouraging our chefs, consumers and restauranteurs to use our delicious seafood.

We, for one, are very much behind this movement, only using Scottish seafood in all of our boxes.


3. Brought to you by Chef Dean Banks

Dean Banks standing outside Haar Restaurant in St. Andrews Scotland

Our lobster is brought to you by our very own MasterChef, Dean Banks. He has spent his life showcasing his passion for delicious cooking, starting his career at the young age of fifteen in his hometown of Arbroath.

Since then, he has appeared in MasterChef: The Professionals, making his way to the final four, and has opened several restaurants in Scotland. You can find him cooking at Haar Restaurant, Dean Banks at The Pompadour and his newest venture, Dulse.

We would have to say that having your weekend meal prepared by a MasterChef is pretty neat too!


4. Our signature serve

St. Andrews Bay lobster. It is best enjoyed as our signature serve. Enjoy a delicious lobster cooked to perfection, then drizzled with Dean’s favourite mirin butter sauce. The delicate lobster teamed with the rich butter sauce is a match made in heaven. Is it any wonder that this has been Dean’s signature dish for quite some time? We think not.


 5. Available across many of our boxes

best of land and sea box laid out on a table

We couldn’t be shouting about our delicious signature lobster dish and not include it in lots of our boxes now, could we?

You can sample Dean’s signature dish in our Luxury Lobster and Crab, Best of Land and Sea, or the Luxury Seafood Platter boxes.

We change up our luxury boxes monthly but be assured that you will always be able to sample the delicious signature dish in at least two of our offerings.

Each comes with a whole St. Andrews Bay lobster, teamed with the famous mirin butter sauce. The lobster does not require any complicated cooking and has already been prepared for you; all you have to do is heat it in the oven and warm the butter sauce in a pan. Delicious fine-dining lobster in minutes, how good is that?!

Are you interested in sampling Chef Dean Banks’ signature lobster dish? You can find all of our luxury boxes right here.

We offer nationwide delivery, so wherever you are in the mainland United Kingdom, you’ll be able to have this delicious lobster from our shores to your door.