Four steps to cooking your lobster on a Quoco Plancha

Cook your lobster on the Quoco Plancha

With summer in full swing, we’re sure you’ve been in the garden grilling at the weekend just as much as we have.

While regular barbecues are grand for the job, we recently invested in a Quoco Plancha from DWK Outdoor Living to cook up our delicious lobster and trust us when we say these have been life-changing.

The charred textures and smoky flavours are what dreams are made of. The versatile Planchas are a fantastic addition to any garden, elevating your weekend culinary experience.


What is a Plancha

A Plancha is a hugely innovative and versatile addition to your garden. Quoco Planchas have three key features that are perfect for entertaining outdoors. They run on various fuel sources such as wood, charcoal, or briquettes placed in the centre of the Plancha and burned as a said fuel source.

food cooking on a plancha


All of their Planchas come with an innovative cooking plate system that allows you to cook food around your Plancha. With a sizeable surface area, it is perfect for cooking many different food items. Fish, lobster, veggies, steaks and burgers are all perfect.



The grill attachment slots easily into the centre of the Plancha and allows for direct cooking over your chosen fuel source. This allows for that all-important charring, caramelisation and, of course, imparting that delicious smokey flavour onto your food.


Garden fireplace

Once all the cooking is finished, the fun doesn’t have to move indoors. Quoco Planchas can be used as a garden fireplace to keep you and your guests warm when the temperature drops. Simply remove the grill attachment, load up the centre with more fuel, and let the innovative Plancha keep you warm until you decide to call it a night.


How to cook your lobster on a Plancha


1) Preparation

This isn’t a step as such, primarily because all of our lobsters come pre-prepared. All you have to do is take it out of the fridge and take it over to the Plancha when ready to cook. That said, our signature St. Andrews Bay lobster is always paired with the mirin butter sauce provided. Make sure to have that ready to heat up while cooking your lobster.


2) Cooking

lobster cut in half with butter sauce being drizzled over the top

This part could not be easier. First, ensure that your Plancha cooking plate is up to temperature. Remove your lobster from the packaging and place it shell-side down on the cooking plate. The shell protects the delicate meat while it is coming up to temperature on the Plancha; this should be done for around five minutes and will gradually bring the lobster up to the perfect temperature. This would also be an excellent time to warm your mirin butter sauce up.


3) Grilling 

For the final couple of minutes of the cooking process, we recommend that you finish the other side of the lobster on the grill. This gives the lobster meat some excellent grill marks for texture and lets the flames impart some delicious smokiness into the meat. Our lobsters are coated in some clarified butter. This ensures that you can get that vital caramelisation without burning the butter.


4) Serve

people sitting eating lobster and scallops at a dining table

You should ensure that your lobster is now up to temperature; it should read 82°c internally; you can check this with a meat thermometer. Serve your lobster immediately with the all-important mirin butter sauce for dipping. Absolute heaven.


Are you looking to add a Quoco Plancha to your garden? You can shop DWK Outdoor Living’s range right here.