Six reasons to choose meal delivery boxes

Meal delivery boxes have boomed in popularity since the beginning of the pandemic. This was due to lockdown restrictions being imposed on many different businesses, and many started offering them as a means to continue trading while their restaurants were closed. Fast forward to the present day, and food deliveries are still very popular with our customers.

While all restaurants are now back open, including our very own Haar Restaurant, we have found many reasons why people still love our luxury boxes just as much as they did during lockdown.

Here are a few of them that we have found from our customer feedback:

1) Convenience

This is a huge reason people opt for our luxury boxes; they are super convenient! Each pack has been hand-prepared by Chef Dean Banks and the team at Haar Restaurant to the highest of standards. With many of our ingredients, you will only have to reheat them, aside from our grass-fed steaks. With these, you will be required to cook them but fear not. Every box comes with easy-to-follow instructions and even cook-a-long videos too!

2) Choice of restaurants

Another reason why our customers love our luxury box so much is the fact that they can have Haar’s delicious offerings – including Dean’s signature lobster, even when they live hundreds of miles away! As most restaurant box delivery services offer nationwide delivery, you’ll be able to try places you would usually have to travel hours for, but not anymore! Many delicious luxury boxes are now at your fingertips, no matter where you stay.

fine dining food on a table

3) Dine in the comfort of your own home

Let’s be honest. Nothing quite beats being in the comfort of your own home. Going out to a restaurant is all well and good, but being able to relax and retire to the sofa after a delicious meal – nothing can come close. You can even eat fine-dining food in a onesie if you like!


All joking aside, you can customise everything about the night to your liking. Music, wine, cutlery, crockery, cocktails. You name it; you can choose it.


4) Kids

If you have kids, it is no secret that the number of opportunities for evenings out can take a hit. Many of our customers have mentioned that they have kids, and our luxury boxes allow for a night in to feel like a night out. You can still eat restaurant-quality food at home, especially when it is prepared by MasterChef Dean Banks.


5) Price

It is no secret that the cost of living has risen over the last few months for several reasons. As a result, restaurants have had to increase their prices, and household costs are rising, too, so people may not have as much disposable income to go to restaurants as they used to. This is where our luxury boxes come in. You can enjoy a restaurant-quality meal for a fraction of the price. Some of our two-course boxes start at £49.95, and our three-course August Seasonal Menu costs just £69.95. That is a fraction of what you would be looking at paying when eating out at a fine-dining restaurant. For us, it’s a no-brainer!

lobster linguine

6) Perfect for special occasions

Have you got that special date night coming up, that special someone’s birthday or even Christmas and Hogmanay?


We have luxury boxes to suit all those occasions. Our core offerings work any time of year as we change them up a little to fit the seasonal produce available, but the lobsters and steaks stay, don’t worry. We also offer monthly seasonal menus and even Christmas or New Year boxes. There will be something to suit any occasion; all you have to do is click here to view our luxury boxes.