Our three top picks from Waagyu Burger

Wagyu beef burgers brought to you by Chef Dean Banks.


If you have enjoyed many of our luxury boxes that are delivered nationwide, then the culinary delights do not end there. You may have heard of our sister food delivery service, Waagyu Burger, before. If not, let us enlighten you.

Waagyu is a nationwide food delivery service, much like Haar at Home. They offer the finest Wagyu beef burgers, lobster brioche kits, and a few other delicious boxes and exciting sides. All of these are brought to you by Chef Dean Banks and his hardworking team. 

Wagyu beef has long been considered the best available in the world. This is due to the high levels of marbling and fat content, which allows the meat to be unbelievably juicy, rich and completely melt-in-the-mouth. Waagyu source the highest quality Wagyu beef from farms right here in the UK. You can rest assured you won’t taste another burger like this one.

They are the perfect addition to any weekend. If the sun is out and you are having a barbecue, or if you are looking to enjoy a special meal with the family indoors. Their boxes are ideal for any occasion.

Let’s take a look at some of our favourites that Waagyu have to offer.


Signature Waagyu Burger Kit

We couldn’t start without the OG box. The one that started it all. The Signature Waagyu Burger Kit. Four juicy Wagyu beef patties, crowed with a selection of toppings handpicked by Dean and the team. Heaven in a buttery-soft sesame brioche.

someone taking a bite of a Wagyu beef burger

First and foremost, they take a rich, juicy Wagyu beef patty that is cooked to perfection (got to get that perfect sear). They top this with melty mature cheddar, smoky bacon, crispy onions, fresh baby gem and their secret recipe HaarBQ burger sauce. With one bite, you will be transported to burger heaven. Trust us.


Waagyu Umami Bomb Burger Kit 

This is currently a limited-edition collaboration with our friends over at Aye Pickled. Perfect for those who love a bit of a kick to their burger experience.

They take a signature Waagyu patty. Top this with smoky bacon, melty mature cheddar, crispy onions and then it is covered in lashings of Aye Pickled’s handmade smoky kimchi chilli sauce.

The Aye Pickled sauce takes this burger to another level. An actual umami bomb. The handmade smoky hot sauce is blended with their house-fermented kimchi to create something truly magical. The savoury, spicy notes of the sauce complement the juicy, rich flavour of the Wagyu beef perfectly. The result? A burger that is literally exploding with flavour.

The delicious sauce, teamed with our signature burgers and toppings creates something that has a bunch of flavour profiles, but they all work perfectly in unison together. Think sweet, sour, salty and spicy. You’ll be ordering these more than once. Trust us. Be quick, though. They are only on for a limited time!


Good ‘n’ Dirty Fries

We couldn’t hype Waagyu without mentioning their new, delicious range of sides. Our current favourite is the Good ‘n’ Dirty Fries. The classic fries have been smothered in garlic butter and seaweed salt (for that little bit of Dean Banks finesse). They are then adorned with a delicious selection of toppings.

good n dirty fries from Waagyu Burger

Crispy fries smothered in a spicy, creamy jalapeño cheese sauce, smoky chipotle chilli flakes and some spring onions and coriander for that little burst of freshness in every bite.

Team a portion, or two, of these with any of their delicious kits, and you are onto a winner at the weekend. Trust us.


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